My 100 Meaningful Hours - How It Works

1. De-clutter Your Mind

Let's face it: Google, YouTube, Facebook groups etc. are all great tools. You ask a question. You get an answer.

The only problem is: it's a bit too easy.

In fact, it's so easy to ask any old question that pops into your head, most people do it over and over and over. And that's how they try to learn something. Which is a problem...

Because, all those dispersed pieces of information don't fit together to form a clear picture of what you're trying to learn. Which leads to an unnecessarily cluttered mind.

And that's bad news for creativity.

Because, when you're trying to do something that makes people stop and think "wow, that's so cool...interesting...creative", you need a clear picture. A deep understanding. Freedom from the constant questioning.

So pick a resource. A single resource. That you're happy to spend some time absorbing.

And read on below to find out how to really absorb it well.

2. Refresh Your Creative Area

Give your creative area a fresh new look and feel with your very own "inspire" desk organizer.

The inspire consists of a bamboo base with 16 acrylic divider panels of various sizes.

The bamboo base has CNC machined slots which form a grid, allowing you to easily place the polished acrylic panels in a configuration that best meets your needs.

So there's plenty of potential layouts to keep your items beautifully organized.

This ability to change it up, combined with the simple yet sophisticated design, will keep your whole creative space organized, fresh and inviting. 

3. Stay Consistent

Staying consistent is difficult in today's distracted world. As a result, most people give up on their ideas way too early. I think we've all had that experience.


But, if you can keep yourself on track, day after day, even when your motivation wanes a little, you'll be rewarded with creative output that most people can only dream of.


And we're here to help you level up your consistency, no matter where you're currently at:

The approach

The approach is simple: Take your resource, set your phone timer for 1 hour, kick off the timer and dig into your resource.

If you finish the 1 hour without stopping, excellent. If you need to stop for any reason, just pause the timer and come back to finish off the 1 hour later. 

The finish line

100 hours - Once you finish 100 hours, you've just done something meaningful. 

The weekly scorecard

Tally up the number of hours you finish each week and then we'll send you a scorecard that tracks your progress and keeps you moving in the right direction.

The weekly leaderboard

For a bit of fun and games, compete with others on their own creative journey and find out how far up the leaderboard you can climb.

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