The Inspire Desk Organizer

Imagine a more effective workspace. Somewhere you can think more clearly, be more creative and ultimately do better work. This is the idea behind the Inspire. 

Made to work with you

The Inspire uses a grid pattern of slots machined into a Bamboo base, along with a set of 16 clear acrylic divider panels to place into the slots.

The panel sizes have been refined and optimized through rigorous design iteration to ensure that everything from the simple stapler through to smart phones, pens and post-its can be easily stored.

You can arrange the panels into countless variations to find the setup which perfectly meets your needs.

More than just a simple organizer

The Inspire innovatively converts to an ergonomic laptop stand. Inserting two small panels into the underside creates an angled stand. Here the grid slots provide efficient and beneficial air flow cooling to your laptop.

Attention to every detail

The 3M rubber feet ensure the Inspire stays stable and safe on your desk, whilst side finger grip details allow you to easily lift and move the organizer without unbalancing and losing the stored contents.

Make better work easier

When it comes down to it, high quality, efficient and creative work is worth striving for. And it's much easier to achieve, when you have the right workspace.

When your desk is Clutter-free. Well-organized. Has an original, fresh style. Which promotes innovation.

And, of course, it's sometimes nice to hear people say "wow... that, is, so, cool".

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